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Passionate about film, Josh is an experienced operations leader and cross-cultural liaison with over 20 years of experience spanning mining, construction, hospitality and entertainment. Originally from Canada, Josh has travelled to over 130 countries and speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese & Bahasa Indonesi. Leveraging his broad skillset, he is an adept operator, navigating cultural complexities to achieve optimal results for all stakeholders, in often challenging business and political environments.

His most recent accomplishments have been in the natural resource sector, fulfilling various roles in project management, operational efficiency, deal-making, finance and restructuring across Australia, India, West Africa, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. This journey has seen Josh lead the deployment of an extensive portfolio of “out of the box” CSR initiatives in some of the world’s most challenging locations, striving to establish a legacy of socially responsible business leaders in international mining and resources. 

An avid philanthropist, Josh currently divides his time between various charitable initiatives and working to finance, develop and deliver quality film and television projects.




Demonstrating an early aptitude for complex numerical interactions, Dave deploys that ability effectively in all manner of circumstances. Awarded with a PwC cadetship straight out of high school, the firm identified his abilities early, and positioned him to develop them further in various commercial & client facing roles over the course of the proceeding several years. Headhunted by Macquarie Bank, Dave then cut his teeth in financial markets, in what would become a career defining journey, diving into international markets spanning sophisticated trading instruments.  Managing a large, highly profitable portfolio through the GFC, he recorded record profits deploying anti-fragile trading strategies from his London base. Dave would go on to implement his learnings, consulting on various engagements and setting up or bolstering operations for trading houses in London, Sydney & Hong Kong. The skill set he developed over the course of this trailblazing journey has given Dave the opportunity to now divide his time between consulting for large banks and tech startups, guiding businesses and enhancing deal-structuring, but most importantly it has given Dave the freedom to work in a passion space, developing and structuring deals in film and television production.

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